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First, expectations. Oregon ARES SETs are intended to be a four-part exercise:

1. Registeration.. So we know who is participating, know the Callsign you will be using and  a few other details. You must register before the deadline. This can now be done on-line on the SETs Page.  All of this information goes back out to the participates before the SET begins.

2. Plan .. Based on the general scenario provided, meet with your emergency manager to discuss what your group might be called upon to do under the situation. Structure your unit’s plans accordingly and brief all operators. Involve others in your community. Be sure to fill them in on any drill comm restrictions ( e.g., no internet).

3. Get on the Air and Stay on the Air.. These SETS provide a twice-yearly training opportunity. Use this time to train new people and sharpen skills. Nets are for passing voice traffic, not just checking in. If the SET is scheduled for 5 hours, the expectation is that stations will be active for the entire time as other stations depend on you being active.

4. Evaluate.. Write an After Action Report. Talk about it within your unit. Submit it to the SET Coordinator by the deadline. All the AARs are compiled into a single report and returned to the participants, are used by Emergency Managers and read by ARES Leadership. It is valuable information!


Thanks… John KX7YT, ASEC SET Coordinator