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New On-Line ARO Course Announced

The On-Line Amateur Radio Operator (ARO) course is now available and has been updated for 2018. This course is in three parts. First, an on-line, knowledge-based series of modules on basic ham radio skills, information on emergency traffic flow and Winlink related topics. Part 1 includes three multiple choice exams. Part two is a course in ICS and Oregon ARES Digital Network (OADN) forms using Winlink Express (see below)  Part 3 is participation in Nets and SETs. For more information, contact your County Emergency Coordinator.

New 160M Net

Oregon ARES District 5 has announced plans to host an every-Sunday evening 160 Meter on 1978 KHz starting at 5:30 PM local time. Dan Bissell W7WVF will serve as the Net Control Station. All Oregon Section ARES members are invited to check in and test their equipment. A log of stations that have checked in will be sent to the SEC to improve our understanding of “top band” capabilities throughout the section. We hope you can join us!