Cascadia Rising 2016


Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ)

A Joint FEMA-OEM Catastrophic Earthquake and Tsunami Functional Exercise 2016

The Exercise Scenario (From FEMA Cascadia Rising Flyer)

Science points to a large 8.0-9.0 magnitude Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) earthquake ripping across the 800-mile CSZ fault line on average once every 200 to 500 years. The last major CSZ earthquake and tsunami occurred in 1700. Recent subduction zone fault earthquakes around the world underscore the similar challenges we will face when
the next CSZ earthquake and tsunami occurs in our region:

Indonesia (2004): M9.1; 228,000 deaths

Chile (2010): M8.8; 500 deaths

Northeast Japan (2011): M9.0; 18,000 deaths


Improving Joint Operations. Conducting successful life-saving and life-sustaining response operations in the aftermath of a Cascadia Subduction Zone disaster will hinge on the effective coordination and integration of governments at all levels – cities, counties, state agencies, federal officials, the military, tribal nations – as well as non-government organizations andt he private sector. One of the primary goals of Cascadia Rising is to train and test this whole community approach to complex disaster operations together as a joint team.


Note: The Cascadia Rising 2016 Exercise Scenario report is large: 182 pages and 7 Mb in size

1. CRFE-OR CO Presentation Slides-11 20 2014

2.  CascadiaRisingEX flyer – Oregon_v2

3. CRFE-OR CO Meeting Agenda-11 20 14

4. CRFE-OR Exercise Objectives-11 20 14

5. Cascadia_Rising_2016_Exercise_Scenario

6. New 1700 CSZ Tsunami Animation

7. Cascadia Playbook ARES Tasks

8. Oregon Recovery Plan Dec. 2014